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Hectic Spring Calendar for Golf

Ecosol Turfcare had a busy BTME at Harrogate in January and we were very happy to welcome satisfied customers as well as new clients on to our stand. As a result, the order book for Spring Drill n Fill is filling fast. 


State-of-the-art aeration and drainage


Soil Amendments

These are for use alone or for blending and injecting using Drill and Fill aerators or Graden Sand Injectors - we can blend these with appropriate sands to provide custom blends for your turf - please see BBB page.


Sportslite is a zeolitic amendment with very high CEC, drainage and aero-porosity rates, available in a range or grades to suit today's professional sports turf manager. Sportslite is a naturally occuring clinoptilolite zeolite which has been used in construction and maintenance practices in golf greens, football pitches, rugby pitches and many other playing surfaces.

It can be used as a top-dressing to improve nurient retention (CEC) in sand-based constructions or at the point of construction. Similarly, it can be used to eliminate the yellowing frequently seen above drain lines in pitches as it cuts down the leaching of applied fertilisers. Sportslite zeolite is also heavily used in current sand injection equipment such the Drill n Fill, GKB Sand Filler and Graden Countour Sand Injector, where it dries up putting surfaces with its high absorbency characteristic and creates a faster, firmer putting or bowling surface.

All our zeolites are tested with X-ray diffraction to check for impurities.

Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) levels range from 110meq/100gm up to 180meq/100gm.

Grades available include:

0.5 - 1.5mm (Greens grade), 

1.5 - 2.5mm (Blinding layer grade),

3 - 8mm (Drainage grit grade),

16 - 35mm (Drainage stone grade) and other on request.

We also stock zeolites for use in water purification, aquarium tanks and ammonia removal / suppression. Contact us for details.

axis A diatomaceous earth amendment that has been used widely for improving the drying up of wet areas on golf greens. An increasingly popular ingredient in Drill n Fill blends - imported by Headland Amenity.
profile A calcined clay that has been developed over numerous years and still is a leading amendment in the UK and USA. Has been used through Dryject as well as Drill n Fill and Graden equipment - imported by Rigby Taylor.

barGrass seed

We stock a broad range of high quality grass seeds for use in sports, amenity and equestrian turf. Barenbrug seed is produced to the Higher Voluntary Standards (H.V.S.), which is unique to the UK, guaranteeing a high level of purity and germination. We supply everything from BAR7 to BAR Extreme, BAR Platinum to BAR All Bent, as well as all the other special blends.



DLF logo

DLF Trifolium are one of the largest seed producers in Europe, with branded seed such as Johnsons and Masterline. Ecosol Turfcare can supply you with any of the seed from DLF's range and offer it as part of our over-seeding or re-seeding service should you need that operation too.



BSH logo 1British Seed Houses are one of the UK's leading amenity turf seed breeders, supplying sports turf professionals with the latest cultivars for all sports and amenity surfaces. Whether you want A20 for a winter sports pitch renovation or one of their many other quality products, we can ensure you get the grass seed that your surface requires.


heetLine Marking Paints

Fleet have been producing high quality line marking paints and equipment for over 50 years. We can supply the range of line marking paints and Kombi and wheel transfer machines and spares, whatever your needs - Blinder, Super C, Q2, Super White powders, Reddispray, Colour XS tints (for red, blue and yellow coloured lines on multi-use pitches), Kombi machines, Tim, Arnold, Lionel and Malvern wheel marking machines, parts - you name it - we'll supply it!


Sands, Rootzones and Top-dressings


With our varied contracting operations, we are able to supply and/or apply the range of Pro Sport sands and rootzones alongside the Rufford top-dressings. Please call us to let us know your requirements - sands, blinding layers, gravels, grit sands, rootzones.

Boughton logo Boughton Loam has a first class pedigree and reputation for producing high quality cricket loams and dressings. They include their Club, County and Kettering Loams as some of the most popular in the country and have recently introduced Kaloam to their range - we can supply these , no matter what the quantity.
man We have supplied Mansfield 70:30 for a number of years, providing Mansfield's own special quality dressing for golf and bowls greens. The flowability of this product makes it easy to apply in a consistent and uniform way. We can also supply their winter sports pitch top-dressing sands, helping you keep yours in play. 

We supply and apply products from a number of the Tarmac Topsport facilities, including Kingsley sands and dressings from Hampshire and the Deansett athletics track dressing material from the Forest of Dean.

Artificial Grass Surfaces

Verde Sports have become leading manufacturers of artificial grass surfaces and we are Distributors and Accredited Installers of their full range of artificial grass surfaces. We can supply any area you wish, installing such things as rugby or football technical areas, player entrance pathways & touchline protection, school and nursery children's play areas plus many more applications.

Drainage materials

We supply and install a wide variety of drainage products from local firms such as Drainex - perforated land drain pipe (60, 80, 100 & 150mm), connectors, silt traps, inspection chambers, outfall protection walls and more. All products are British Standard quality so that your drainage system is of the highest standard material and engineered to do the right job, in the right environment.

Germination and Frost Protection materials

We can supply these materials for use in small goalmouth-type areas to larger pitch-scale applications.

Fertilisers and Turf Nutrition

The renovation, maintenance or establishment of sports turf surfaces in the 21st Century demands modern, sustainable and environmentally safe programmes and products. It is with these key factors in mind that we approach all our responsibilities to a client's turf requirements. Consequently we can provide the skill and knowledge essential for the selection of the right fertilisers, trace elements and other micro-biologocal needs of today's turf. Whether it is liquid nutrition, granular fertilisers, organic compounds (e.g. composts or compost teas), chelated iron or  uptake enhancers, we can provide you with the product and course of action to enable you to optimise the standard of grass quality and presentation. Call us for more information... and take the guesswork out.

CWC logo

Weed, Pest and Disease control

Ecosol Turfcare has worked in tandem with one of the leading weed, pest and disease control companies for over 8 years now - Complete Weed Control have the equipment and expertise to tackle most problems that face the turf manager. Whatever the problem is that you need sorting out, the combination of our two companies can do just that. Whether its broad-leaved weeds blighting a football pitch, worms casting on a rugby pitch or fusarium on a bowling green, the problem can be dealt with...

We can also source and supply cricket wickets covers and sheets for any level of club.
Please call and ask for details 01666 861250.